The Story Behind a Great Taste

Fifty years ago, a grandpa came up with the perfect formula to have a hot beverage with a great taste and zero caffeine. It is now 2019 and his grandchildren are bringing it to life and sharing his beloved formula with the world.

Pioneer was inspired by the original settlers who crossed the Great Plains and Rocky Mountains in order to live a better life in America. Branches of these people would reach all of the Americas. The Pioneer spirit is one of bravery and working for a better world. It's about following your gut and making the best of what you are and can be. One of those people Fifty years ago created a beverage that is strong and powerful and good.

There are many different recipes for coffee-like beverages out there, but not none of them can hold a candle to the robust flavor of Coffee until now. Pioneer not only has the strength of coffee, but it tastes better and can be used in just as many ways.

The reason behind this interesting fact is simple: Pioneer has the same process of roasting and grinding like coffee, the main difference is that Pioneer is made of roasted grain and broad bean instead of using coffee beans. The grains are roasted till they are dark and have that delicious aroma of roasted grain. This allows Pioneer to be just as versatile and delicious as the worlds favorite beverage with the added health benefit of being caffeine free. In every bag of Pioneer Roasted Beverage there is a heritage of love, respect, hard work and the dream of living your best.

Pioneer painting by Michael Malm

This family is ready to share their amazing recipe with the world, are you ready to try it?

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