How is Pioneer a Gourmet Caffeine Free Alternative?

We’ve all looked for an alternative to coffee at some point in our lives. Either because we just want to change flavors -to for example, tea- or either because we discovered caffeine is not that great for our bodies. But us who have looked for caffeine-free alternatives have discovered that the only thing closest to coffee that is caffeine free is decaffeinated coffee -which is not really caffeine free because it still holds around 7 mg of caffeine per cup (8 ounces cup)[1]]- and if you’re trying to run away from caffeine, that’s not good.

So, what’s the difference between decaffeinated coffee and Pioneer, if Pioneer tastes like coffee? Well, there are many!

First, Pioneer is not made of coffee, but of roasted grains, which in principle, lack caffeine completely. You might be wandering, why does it taste like coffee, if its ingredients are grains? Because the grains are roasted and ground just like coffee beans. The process is exactly the same as coffee’s, the only things that change are temperature, roasting times and grinding times. It all depends on which grain we’re roasting and grinding. Each grain has its own temperature and its own time for it to taste as delicious as coffee.

Because of its process, that is extremely similar to the process coffee goes through before reaching your cup, Pioneer is as versatile as coffee. What does this mean? That the same type of drinks you can make with coffee, you can make with Pioneer. So, if you’re used to making your coffee with a French press, when having Pioneer, that doesn’t have to change! If you like making espressos with an espresso machine, you’ll be able to continue doing it. If you’re craving a caffeine-free cappuccino, you’ll be able to have it! This is why we call Pioneer “the gourmet caffeine free coffee alternative”.

Are you ready to try it? What are you waiting for? Order you first bag now!


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